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Skin Puppet

The  whole gang from Capital Street is back and almost ready for business. It's just two weeks until the Reightman & Bailey Agency opens, but Melba Reightman and Toby Bailey have things pretty much under control. After the horrific events of the last six months, things are starting to feel almost normal again. They're both happy to just hunker down and do what's needed to make their new business a success. So far, everything looks to be "all systems go and full speed ahead."

An inconvenient lisp resulting from a busted lip slows things down a bit for Toby, and makes him sound embarrassing like a cartoon character. And then there's the whole awkward situation with Jon Chiang. One minute Zhou Li's nephew is cold and distant, and the next minute...well, Toby could swear the guy might be interested in something more. It's all very confusing.

Melba's got her hands full completing  last minute paperwork so they can open for business. To complicate matters further, there's the huge stack of invitations Madame Zhou dropped off, all needing to be hand-addressed. Melba doesn't really think they need to throw a huge grand opening party, but there's no use in arguing with the bossy owner of Green Dragon. To top things off, the sneaky octogenarian has strongly hinted Melba needs a new dress.

With so much going on, the news about children missing from the area hasn't really registered on anyone's radar. The single flyer posted by a desperate mother looking for her missing daughter was disturbing, but it's really a matter for the local police, not the Reightman & Bailey Agency, Right?

Wrong. Things are never that easy.

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COver for Done Rubbed Out by Jeffery Craig
Done Rubbed Out


In this first book of the Reightman & Bailey Series, deceit, corruption and murder tangle together with vivid, unconventional characters in a story of unlikely new friendships and their power to change us.


Things are going well at the Time Out Spa, but the night young proprietor Toby Bailey discovers his former lover naked and dead on a massage table, more things are ruined than just his white leather shoes. Detective Melba Reightman and partner, Sam Jackson, are called in to investigate and soon become embroiled in the most perplexing homicide case seen in years. 


After a hunting knife engraved with Toby's name is found in a load of wet, bloody laundry, he's arrested for the murder of Geraldo Guzman. He enlists the aid of Madame Zhou Li, practicing attorney and owner of Green Dragon Chinese Herbs and Teas. The peculiar octogenarian seems an unlikely choice to defend him, but has a few tricks up her sleeve. Toby joins forces with Reightman and Jackson and a shocking string of clues brings them closer to the killer. The bad news? Successfully solving the crime might unleash a firestorm and come at a price none of them are prepared to pay. 


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In this second Reightman & Bailey thriller, Detective Melba Reightman is distraught over the murder of her friend and partner, Sam Jackson. The Guzman murder case has been closed, but she knows the real killer is still out there somewhere. Toby Bailey's discovery of a set of incriminating photo's proved there were more people involved in Geri Guzman's death than just Dr. Lieberman, but getting anyone to listen is more of a challenge than she'd ever imagined. She's going to need help convincing the powers that be that the case needs to be reopened, but she'll find a way to do it. It's the only choice she has if she wants to discover who's behind it all.


Toby's still struggling with Geri's death and the shock of having been the target of a hitman. Detective Jackson took the bullet meant for him and saved his life, and he doesn;t understand how things could have gone so very wrong. No one should have known about the evidence Geri left behind, but it's the only explanation that makes any sense. He has a hunch things are going to get worse, and he;ll just have to pull up his pants and get on with whatever needs to be done to help Detective Reightman figure things out. 


And as for John Brown? He's just worried that he won't get paid after botching the hit on Toby, and can't help wondering what will happen next. It wasn't really his fault. Mistakes were bound to happen when things got complicated, but who knew this would be such a hard job?


Things are heating up in this southern city.

Cover for HArd Job by Jeffery Craig
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